Reduce the cost of Utility bills by installing 300w LED flood light

Abbeville, Louisiana - 27 Mar, 2019
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The LED floodlights are a little more expensive than the regular halogen lights but considering its longer lifespan and more lighting results, we can switch to these lights to lighten the outdoor places without thinking twice. Also while using these lights, there will be no requirement to replace the bulb often so automatically it will give you more savings in hand.

These LED flood lights can be used at the outdoor places, to increase the overall ambience along with increasing the safety and security of the people as well those are using those paths to travel during the late night hours. You can use 300w LED flood light among many other lights to make the outdoor places safer.

Other benefits of using 300w LED flood light are as follows:

* These 300w LED flood lights that comes with easy mounting option produce 40521 lumens and can easily be replaced with 1000w MH or other lights.

* Also the Color Temperatures of these lights is 5700k.

* Comes with an IP rating of 65 that make the fixture of these lights withstand harsh weather condition as well, also the wider beam angle of greater than 150 degree allows you to remove dark spots from extreme corners as well.

* These lights are UL and DLC approved lights and also comes with 5 Year Warranty from the manufacturer’s end as well.

There are numerous options available in the market in these LED floodlights and 300w LED flood light is one of them that can be used as an ideal outdoor light to lighten the place with maximum brightness without spending much on the illumination cost.

For more info please visit this site: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/flood-light-300-watt-5700k-ip65

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