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How remove Dark Spots With 100 Accuracy from 50W LED Flood Light

Abbeville, Mississippi - 13 Feb, 2019


Extreme care should be taken while illuminating the outdoor places as security of people can be affected by poor outdoor lighting. Hence the best lights that are LED Flood Lights can be used that remove the dark spots from the extreme corners as well with 100% efficiency as they are designed to be uses at industrial, commercial or residential places. Among various LED flood lights that are available in the market one is a 50W LED flood light which is a beneficial way to replace traditional lights.

Benefits of using Knuckle mount 50W LED flood light are as follows:

1. This 50w LED flood light can be used for the outdoor as well as indoor lighting purposes, the lumens output
of this 50w flood light is 6250 lumens with color temperature of more than 5700k.
2. Also comes with a beam angle of more than 110 degrees that can brighten wider and a bigger place.
3. You can use these lights for more than 50,000 hours or close to 6 years and with knuckle mounting option
available in these 50w LED flood lights you can install them in a more energy-efficient way.
4. You can replace a 300W of MH light with this LED flood light 50w and can make more savings by using the
LED lighting fixture.
5. These lights are UL, DLC, CE and RoHS approved which make them eligible for the rebates and

Give use these 50W LED flood lights and reduce your electricity bills in addition to enjoying 5 Years of manufacturer’s warranty along with 30 days guaranteed return policy.

For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/led-flood-light-50-watt-5700k-black-finish

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