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Install 240W LED High Bay Lights to Make the Indoor Commercial Place more Brighter

Ages Brookside, Kentucky - 17 Apr, 2019
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All lights that look bulky are not capable to offer maximum lighting results and rather than considering the size and watts of the lights, you should consider the lumen output and color temperature of the lights that can place the commercial place look more brighter.

For commercial places, you can install LED high bay lights that are especially designed for the high ceiling places and among various types of lights, you can install 240w LED high bay lights at the places where the ceiling height ranges between 20fts-30fts.

Advantages of using these 240W LED High Bay Lights are as follows:

1. The lumen output of these 240w LED high bay lights is almost 31000 lumens with the color temperature of 5700k that provides soothing lighting effects.
2. Also you can replace these lights with 550W MH fixtures so that you can save 310W per fixture, also once installed, these lights can be used for at least 50,000 hours thus supporting the lighting system at your place for more number of years.
3. You can easily mount these lights by hook-mounted or ceiling mounted on the ceiling of the warehouse and has no variable cost attached to them.
4. Since these are dimming lights, you can adjust the level of brightness with dimming feature that ranges from 0V to 10V.
5. Also the wider beam angle of more than 120 Degree is useful to illuminate the bigger and wider places.
6. Opting for the motion sensor lights will help you to stay alert in case any intruder tries to enter your property with an intention to damage it.

So install these DLC approved 240w LED high bay lights that will give you rebates along with many other benefits as well.

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