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BMW 2002 Stainless Steel Grill new (BMW 2002 Grill by stainless steel new)

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 11 Jun, 2024
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BMW 2002 Stainless Steel Grill new
(BMW 2002 Grill by stainless steel new)
Front center grill BMW 2002 by stainless steel new
BMW E10 (1966-August 1973) and BMW E6 (1971-August 1973)
Front center kidney grill for BMW E6 and E10 Early model cars
The Grill copy from original samples, so, shape and size like samples.
Products are made of 304 stainless steel imported from Japan and India, especially with a chrome content higher than 30%, so they never rust, do not corrode or peel over time. The inside has some small hammer marks. The outside is polished to a mirror finish.
Polished product - with a perfect shine (like chrome)
Mounting: This is fitted to the car using a few nuts as originally. Fits: BMW E10 (1966-August 1973) and BMW E6 (1971-August 1973).
Please see center grill via link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebWCDHJwMvw
Besides BMW 2002 Grill, I also have bumpers for I also have bumpers for BMW 2002 short type, BMW 2002 long type, BMW E21, BMW 2800 CS, …
The current bumper models we have: Mercedes, Datsun, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Ford, Opel, Triumph...
More than that, we always want to work towards developing more new models. So we are searching for samples from any customers who can cooperate with us to expand some kinds of products in stainless steel, rubber, steel, aluminum, copper, chrome such as bumpers, trims, plate number frames, parts of classic cars, modern cars, stainless steel tools for high-class bathrooms, stainless steel parts for high-end tables and chairs.
The choice for your car: luxury – class. If you need bumpers for any classic car, please contact us
Email: info@bumperautomobile.com, ali.bumperautomobile@gmail.com
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