Use Bronze 300w LED Pole Light to Beautify the Ambience

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 09 Jan, 2019
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No tourist or visitor prefer to visit the dark-colored tourist spots as it will pose a threat to their safety and security, hence it is a prerequisite to installing sharp and bright lights LED pole lights that can allow the visitors to move safely even after the Sun sets down. Today, LED pole light comes in multiple designs, sizes, and colors which you can use according to the surroundings; one popular LED pole light is bronze 300w LED Pole light that apart from offering maximum brightness, look elegant and stylish as well.

Features of Bronze 300w LED Pole Light are as follows

The Bronze LED 300w LED pole lights are electrician friendly lights and can be installed easily, just wire them and mount it on the surface.
These elegant bronze colored pole lights are designed using aluminum housing that is far more superior to the traditional lights that look very heavy and bulky. Also the Bronze 300w LED pole lights will start instantly with no noise and flickering.
This Bronze colored LED pole light emits 39514 lumens with color temperature of 5700K that is perfect for the outdoor lighting purposes; you can use these lights for almost 50,000 hours.
These outdoor LED Pole lights use the best lighting technology along with the photocell sensor that will automatically turn ON and Off on detecting any kind of motion nearby.
By using the LED Pole Lights 300w, you can save up to 80% savings in the electricity consumption, so stop using those conventional metal halide or sodium lights that waste the nation’s lots of energy and your savings as well.
These 300w pole lights don’t contain any harmful substances including mercury and halogen lights that are present in the traditional halogen lights and can contaminate the environment as well.
These Bronze 300w LED Pole Lights are UL, CUL, DLC, CE and ROHS approved making them eligible for the tax benefits as well.
So start using these LED pole lights to have a lighten environment and attract tourist with the unique lighting style, these LED Pole Light allow you to save almost $1,000 over the 10-years that means roughly $8.33 per month.

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