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Lawn Care Services Ames | Landscape Maintenance

Ames, Iowa - 07 Dec, 2022


Topsoil committed to getting the job done when it comes to your lawn. With our affordable Lawn Care Services we offer multiple options to choose from. Lawn care has become a part of most homeowners' weekly chore list. Each time you mow your grass, you’re one step closer to a lush and healthy looking lawn.

Here are the services that are included in our lawn care packages:

Mowing: Your grass will be cut to the proper height 3 ½-4 inches, promoting a thick, verdant appearance and help to deter any diseases.

Trimming: String trimming around trees, landscapes, mailboxes, fences, sheds, house, swing sets, stepping stones and other area’s our mowers couldn’t get to.

Edging: Get that nice sharp edge along your lawn where it meets sidewalks, driveways and walkways.

Blowing: Once we have finished mowing, edging and trimming your yard, we will blow all hard surfaces, landscape, driveways and walk ways.

Landscape Maintenance: As an add-on service, we can refresh your mulch beds, maintain weeds and shrubs.


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