Use Dusk to Dawn Yard LED Pole Lights 55w for Safer Nights

Arlington, Texas - 07 Jan, 2019
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No street or road is safe till the time, proper lights are not installed over there, as lack of sufficient lights over there can result in accidents or other mishappenings. LED pole lights are best in terms of performance and costing and hence can be used to solve the residential, commercial or industrial lighting purposes. Today there are many LED pole lights available in the market and one among them is Dusk to Dawn lights, these lights feature an attractive modern design that offers maximum lighting pleasure.
Features of a Dusk to Dawn Yard LED pole light 55w are as follows
These Dusk to Dawn Yard LED pole Lights 55w are specially designed to use at new construction applications in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities and are UL/DLC listed, IP65 rated and are ideal to use in wet locations as well.
By replacing those existing streets lights with the dusk to dawn yard LED pole lights 55w, you can save almost 80% of the electricity; on an average, this dusk to down yard pole lights consumes just 55w of electricity to emit 7000 lumens with a color temperature of 5700K.
The Dusk to Dawn Yard LED pole Lights 55w are easy to install and comes with all the necessary equipment’s to do the mounting; these new and slim designed lights feature photocell sensor as well.
The thermal heat dissipation allows the LED pole lights to stay cooler as there is plenty of heat that needs to be dissipated for effective thermal management and the LED fixtures are designed to remove heat through efficient thermal management.
Also according to the amount of light reaching the fixture, the sensor in Dusk to Dawn Yard LED poles light 55w automatically gets triggered and the sensor light fixture will automatically ON at night and OFF in the mornings, designed to reduce the wastage of electricity. So install these lights and enhance the safety and security of your loved ones by allowing lights to automatically turn ON when it gets dark or if something is fishy.

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