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SMP Atlanta creates Fashionable Hair Loss Treatment Option Scalp Micropigmentation

3060 Mercer University Dr, #310A, Atlanta, GA, 30341, Atlanta, Georgia 30341 - 13 Jan, 2023


Maintaining hair wigs to cover the bald head is a matter of the past now.Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an ideal method to make sure you get rid of your hair loss problems with a stylish look. Scalp micropigmentation is a fashionable, immediate, long term hair loss solution. Scalp Micropigmentation is a life changing hair loss treatment that replicates the natural appearance of real hair follicles, giving you the look of a full head of hair that has been closely-shaven with any hairline you like.SMP can be used in a number of ways; to cover scarring, restore recessed areas of hair such as the hairline and to add density to thinning parts of the hair. In general, this cosmetic procedure is popular with those experiencing full or partial hair losses, offering a buzz-cut/ clean-cut, youthful and natural look to all. The finished look is natural and undetectable. Scalp Micropigmentation is a convenient, affordable, non-surgical and 100% effective hair loss solution for balding, receding hairlines, thinning hair, hair transplant scars, alopecia and the results are instant. It is suitable for all skin types, all stages of hair loss, and for any adult, male or female. At SMP Atlanta we are proud to offer an SMP service within our Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic Book Your SMP Consultation Today! Talk to our Micro Pigmentologist artist Milla Rosen and Serge Bovbalan, two of the most skilled and experienced SMP technicians in the United States are ready to help you get started. Call us on (470) 286-6639 or send us an email at milaserge@gmail.com to schedule your SMP consultation you can visit https://www.smpatlanta.com/

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