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What is blue screen bad pool header in Windows 10?

Atlanta, Georgia - 27 Dec, 2021


Bad Pool Error is a BSOD error which occurs when the Windows experience a hardware problem with the system hard drive which contains the Windows OS. This problem usually occurs due to aging or damaged system components like the hard drive and RAM, corrupt device drivers, and missing system files. Some of the methods that will troubleshoot blue screen bad pool header Windows 10 have been mentioned below. So follow them sincerely.
How do you troubleshoot this error?
1. Disconnect External Drives and Devices
2. Check Drive SMART Data
3. Scan Disk for Bad Sectors
4. Test RAM
5. Check System File Integrity
6. Check and Update Device Drivers
7. System Restore
8. Replace Hardware
Blue Screen error is a protection measure by Windows which prevent serious damage. It protects other hardware and software components. It also results in a data loss situation. You must monitor disk healthand optimize the drive for better performance.
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