8ft LED Tubes are considered as the Most Ideal Lights for Residential places

Austin, Texas - 10 Jan, 2019
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Today there are various different sizes and designs available in the LED lights and one among them is an 8ft 48w LED tube that is considered as one of the brightest LED tubes due to their ability to deliver higher lumen output as compared to the normal halogen lights and that too in an eco-friendly way.

Advantages of using 8ft 48w LED Tubes are as follows

With a beam angle of more than 120 degrees, these 8ft 48w LED tubes work 3-4 times more than the normal fluorescent tubes that emit light for just 15,000 hours.
The 8ft 48w LED tube doesn’t require a ballast and hence the ballast must be bypassed and are specially designed to work smoothly and effectively for the longer period of time.
The lumen output of this 8ft LED tube is 5800 lumens with 5000K color temperature which means neutral white light-day white light color glow perfect for the ambiance. By replacing a 120w fluorescent tube with this 8ft 48w LED tube, you can save almost 75% of the energy.
Comes with 5 years of warranty and 30-day easy return policy.

So hand parallel with technology and start using these LED tubes especially where you can’t compromise on the results as these tubes will not heat up due to efficient Heat dissipation mechanism even if kept ON for a longer period of time.

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