Energy-Efficiency LED Wall Pack With the Photocell Sensor is Complimentary with this Pack

Austin, Texas - 27 Dec, 2018
  • $19
  • 2018 2018


Presenting the new LED wall pack lights from LEDmyplace.com, a site where you get every kind of LED so easy!
An insight into our products:
Extra wide beam - This LED wall pack gives an awesome 120 degree of beam angle to light up wide spaces.
Uniform lighting - You have even light distribution throughout the area.
Quick Installation – JUST twist some screws up a few holes and the installation is done on any surface.
Waterproof packing - IP65 Rated, the pack doesn’t let dust or water enter the jacket.
Tough metal casing: The die-cast metal case is durable and powder coated for lasting use.
Energy saver – Our led lights save about 75% of energy every hour than the metal halides or sodium vapor lamps.
Better CRI - You get a CRI above 80 for more realistic light presence.
Embedded LED Chips Quality LED chips from Epistar with quality circuitry.
Duress free – These LED wall pack lights can resist shatter and stress, wear or tear.
Maintenance free – A longer life of 50000 hours with constant lumen consistency make it a maintenance-free product.
Environment-friendly – These are UV & Mercury Free lights and free from any heavy metals such as lead or mercury, or anything toxic to humans.

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