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Keep Robbers Away From Targeting your Property By Installing LED Flood Light 150W

Big Springs, Idaho - 11 Apr, 2019
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No matter how much we love our families, but if we have not installed outdoor lights at the residential buildings, we are taking a chance regarding their security and inviting robbers and thieves to take the advantage of the opportunity. To make sure that the thieves don’t enter our property, we need to install LED flood lights that are the perfect lighting choice to lighten the outdoor spaces.
These lights are also known as outdoor security lights and out of many lights, you can install LED Flood Light 150W that will be useful to keep the criminals away from targeting your residential and commercial places as well.

Benefits of using LED Flood Light 150W are as follows:

1. You can easily install these lights in more than one way, either you can install this LED Flood Light 150W either with flood mounting, yolk mounting and knuckle mounting as well.
2. The color Temperature of these flood lights is 5700k that deliver day white light thus making the nights look safer and secured.
3. The lumen output of these lights is more than 20,000 lumens and you can replace these 150w LED flood lights with 400w MH lights to make more energy saving per lighting fixture.
4. Comes with an IP 65 rating that make these lights durable to withstand harsh weather condition as well.
5. You will get 5 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty in addition to 30 days return guarantee from the same on purchasing these lights.
6. Once installed, these lights can work for at least 50,000 hours or even more than that as well.
So make the outdoor place at the commercial and residential areas bright full and safer by installing LED Flood Light 150W over there so that no one can dare to enter your property in your absence as well.
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