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Super red arowana fish and may other for sale!!!!!

Biscayne Park, Florida - 29 Jan, 2013
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Hello Good day sir,
Thanks for the interest concerning my fish.
We do have many tropical platys fish farms where we get the fish from before shipment.we do have tropical platys like the golden x back.chili red, about the exportation size,types and prices,they are as below and we have a promotion going on now so the fish are far cheaper than
before and this will last just for a week.

exportation size: 3-20inches
tropical platys---------------------$220 including shipping
chilli red fish.................$250
Arowana fish of all think .......$360
I will be shipping the fish to you from one of our fish farms below
Yvesdfishfarm (Alaska USA)
Ydfishpond (Victoria Cameroon)
Yvesdaroplanet (Canada)
fishery (Australia)
Ydfishpond(England uk)
Delivery Agency: Prompt by FEDEX
Guarantee:we will provide safe delivery of your fish and if anything
happens to the fishes as they get to you,send them back immediately and have a replacement or refund.
Packing: plastic Bags(air 50% : 50% water)with maintenance or keeping manual.

Well i have a few questions for you before we can proceed
do you or have you ever had any tropical platys before?
how soon do you need the fish?
sorry for all the questions but i need to know these facts first.mail back with
your address and present location so we can proceed.waiting on your reply

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