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Solve the Commercial Outdoor Lighting Requirement by Installing 80W LED Wall Pack Lights

Bluffdale, Utah - 14 Apr, 2019
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The LED wall pack lights are basically the lights that can be wall mounted on the outer walls of commercial buildings. Today they are most common commercial outdoor lighting fixtures that ensure maximum visibility and are far better than the traditional lamps heads.
If you are also looking for some ways to lighten up the outside commercial space, then you can install 80W LED Wall Pack Lights among many other forms of lights to have additional security for your buildings.
Benefits of installing 80W LED Wall Pack Lights:
One of the most important factors to consider is that these lights are energy efficient lights and if replaced with the exiting lights can give you more than 75% reductions in your monthly bills.
1. If you replace 80W LED Wall Pack Lights whose lumen output is 10173 lumens with 250w of any other lights, you can save 170w of energy through using the LEDs.
2. The color temperature of these forward thrown LED wall pack lights is 5700K that is ideal for use as a security lighting fixture, also has the wider beam angle of 120 degrees.
3. The heat sink of these lights is designed to dissipate any heat that might be emitted during normal operation through an internal heat sink made of aluminum.
4. You can use them for more than 50,000 hours or close to 6 years, if used for even 24 hours and will last much long if used for half a day.
That’ not the end of benefits that you can derive from using these lights, also these 80W LED Wall Pack Lights are DLC approved, than will make them most suitable lights to solve the outdoor lighting purpose much effectively.
For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/wall-pack-80w-5700k

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