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Earn 1% per Day for Life - Start with a FREE $10 gift!

Boston, Massachusetts - 25 Nov, 2018


To All Investors,

Crypto 300 Club is ready to take its place in the investment sector as the "first" gap program. When we say "gap", we mean the first MAJOR online system that offers:

Much HIGHER earnings than traditional investments and stocks, which pay about 10% to 12% Per YEAR,

Much LESS daily earnings than High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) that claim to pay 2% to 5% Per DAY.

Here are some of the benefits included:

~$10 Minimum Investment (max. $1M)

~Crypto 300 Club Takes ALL the Risk

~No Contracts to Sign (start immediately)

~Backed by Reputable Company (ACX)

~Know NOTHING and Make Money

~Requires Only 5 Minutes a Day

~No Need to Own any Bitcoin

~Earnings of 1% per day (300% per year)

~No Deposit or Setup Fees

~Almost No Withdrawal Fees

~Fast Withdrawals of Earnings

The best description for Crypto 300 Club is as a Cryptocurrency Trading Club, but with the BEST of Conditions for All Members! Our Team of Expert Crypto Traders does all the work for you, and ALL the Profits are paid back to the members.


To your success,

Joel Parsons

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