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Getting legal advice on visa refusal

Boston, Massachusetts - 04 Jun, 2020


Getting a UK visa refusal can be distressing and confusing. The Home Office when deciding on a visa application will refer to the immigration policy. This is to explain why they have justified the legal reasons to refuse the UK visa.
It is important to read and understand the grounds of refusal, however sometimes; you may need to speak with a specialist UK Immigration Lawyer. We do find sometimes a client has applied for the wrong visa or have completed the visa application wrongly. A few and limited clients, end up applying twice, and the taking advice.
Whilst there may be free and open source information, getting correct legal advice is important. The legal advice on the UK visa refusal must be accurate and correct. You will need to appreciate that a UK Immigration Lawyer will give you impartial advice. There may be alternatives to appealing the decision and understanding what to do next, is vital and this cannot be sourced for free. Think before you apply for a UK visa, a refusal, will always impact future immigration applications.
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