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Learn JAVA both Online & Offline

Boston, Massachusetts - 13 Mar, 2018
  • Learn JAVA both Online & Offline


We are providing JAVA Courses .What differs Java from any other programming languages is the fact that applications written in Java are executed on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). So, unlike other languages, Java programs are compiled not into the machine codes but into an intermediate language called bytecode , that is executed not on the hardware itself, but on a JVM. This brings one of the key benefits of Java - Independence from platform, i.e. Java-based apps can run on Windows, Linux, or whatever else. The main thing is to have a JVM installed on the device. Some other advantages of Java: • Security, • Mature ecosystem with lots of libraries and frameworks for every taste, • Large community of developers, • Excellent multifunctional IDEs, • Good performance. Candidates interested for learning JAVA can contact us .We are providing both Online and Offline classes :
Contact Person: Santosh Rana
Phone no: 916300679708
Email id: info@4sitsolutions.com , 4sitsolutions8@gmail.com
Address : Plot No.176, Mallareddy Nagar, Malla Reddy Nagar Colony, Beeramguda, Ramachandra Puram, Hyderabad, Telangana 502032.

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