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Bronx, New York - 06 Feb, 2017
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For Purpose of Best SEO sites,we need best SEO Tools. Here we have DMOZ search tools.where DMOZ search tool allows you to quickly find out whether you are listed in the DMOZ directory or not.
Need of DMOZ Directory
The DMOZ directory, is important to SEO, as many of the top search engines use the DMOZ listings as their directory listings, or as part of their search engine listings.
The DMOZ directory gives you a simple yes or no when you enter up to 500 domains as it checks each one to see if it has been listed in the Open Directory or DMOZ. All you have to do is enter the domains, hit submit and wait for the results of the Dmoz directory listing to come in.

Site ranking is based on search technology, and is not necessarily influenced by classifying sites in a Web directory. The DMOZ editors do not list sites to ensure your site is ranked on search engines using DMOZ data.
Free tools are available in many companies but as compare to other companies siteseostatus provides paid tools but we can use all SEO tools.free tools are never provides all SEO Tools.
So for purpose of using all SEO Tools we must have to prefer siteseostatus.
Siteseostatus provides four types of packages where we can select any package as out comfort. But i suggest you two packages Web Masters and Pro Webmasters because we can use Unlimited Tools in both packages.
Which Tools..!!
Best Seo tools are providing services like Link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion,page status check, backlink creation/search and checker, website ping, google adword scraper etc.

How to use..!!

we can write http://www.siteseostatus.com/ in google console and then sign up and login.

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