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Lending 101: Can a Personal Loan Be Used for Business Purposes as Well?

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For someone hoping to start a small business today, lots of hurdles could possibly limit the actualization of the dream. Chief among the likeliest detriments, apparently, is the lack of adequate funding to kick-start the business.

Basically, borrowers get the loan for simple home improvement, to service their cars or pretty much pay off a debt. It is a fixed interest loan, issued almost instantly and without any much paperwork.

Providers could be anyone, from an ordinary brick-and-mortar bank, a credit union or an online lender like King of Kash. The loan isn’t secured against any asset, which essentially means the repayment period can be quite short and tight. All a person would need is to indicate a fixed amount to be repaid regularly and choose how long it would take to repay it all.

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1 Mc Sweeney Way, Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

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