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Epson Printer connected but not printing: How do you fix It?

Charlotte, North Carolina - 28 Dec, 2021


Epson Printers are undoubtedly one of the best Printers in the market because of the fine quality. But it is natural if you face issues like Epson printer connected but not printing. You can easily solve them
How do you Troubleshoot Epson Errors?
Disconnect everything from the printer.
This should be the first step and is the easiest one to follow. Remove all the paper jams and disconnect everything, including the USB cords, cable wires, power cords, and ink cartridges. Then hold the power button for thirty seconds and start the printer. Everything will be reinstalled.
Try resetting your own printer.
Disconnect the printer’s cables and allow your printer to rest for two to three minutes. Then, hold the power button for thirty seconds and continue holding the power button. In the mean time, you should reconnect every cable back.
Clear the printer head.
Install the printer driver. And also check if it needs an update or not.
These are the super easy steps that should be taken when your printer has an epson error code. They are super easy and take no time at all. Lastly, you can always reach out to the support team in case you need help.
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