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How do you fix a Netgear Router?

Charlotte, North Carolina - 03 Jan, 2022


If you’re wondering how to fix the Netgear Router and what the troubleshooting methods are, then you must read further. The first step that you must take is restarting your router. That means you will have to unplug the power supply and then wait for thirty seconds. After that, plug it back in. This should resolve the problem. You may also need to upgrade your router’s firmware. Outdated built-in software could cause glitches. So find the latest software. You can also replace the antenna to troubleshoot this error. If your router has a defective antenna, then it is difficult to find a replacement online. The other thing that you can do is change your router’s IP address. Another very important thing that you can do to troubleshoot Netgear router is reset your router. After the reset, you can again log in to your modem with your default username and password.

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