Receive Unlimited Donations From All Over The World

Chicago, Illinois - 14 Feb, 2016
  • Receive Unlimited Donations From All Over The World
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Welcome to icharity club Peer to peer or Member to member Payment system.
Just make a once off donation of 20$ direct to your sponsor and start to bring in 5 people to join under you Same day. That gives you a total of 100$ - that is 80$ profit. Upgrade to next level with 40$. On the next level (TWO) when level 2 downlines are ready to upgrade, it will be you they will send the money to, 25 x $40 = $1000. Then upgrade to level 3 @ $80. On level or grade 3, you will earn $10,000 ($80 times 125 members). Thereafter, upgrade to Level 4 @ $120 Earn $75,000. Upgrade to level 5 @ $200 Earn $625,000. Upgrade to level 6 @ $300 Earns you $4,685,500 million and It goes all the way to level 10 where you can earn over $16 million. This is real wealth building.
Please hit the link herein and register online and start to recruit your first five members. For more info.

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