This LED Canopy Light offers 75% energy savings with brighter whiter light

Chicago, Illinois - 07 Jan, 2019
  • $95
  • 2018 2018


LED canopy lights are used to illuminate areas frequently attended by pedestrians and vehicles. Due to high energy savings and better illumination, these are widely used in hotels, car parking, gas stations, soft-lit areas, covered walkways etc.
LED My Place has been a leader in LED lighting solutions. High-quality products along with competitive pricing have made us the top choice of thousands of satisfied customers. We proudly introduce to you our LED Canopy Lights 75W 5700K which is a high-performance lighting fixture capable of being mounted on any soffit/canopy. These LED canopy lights are available in a slim and sleek design with a color temperature of 5700k. These LED lights can replace 250-watt metal halide lighting fixture providing savings of 175 watts on each fixture. With IP 65 ratings these lights can even be used in damp conditions. These lights do not emit any UV or IR radiations thus are safe for human interaction.

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