Use Sleek & Light Weight T8 8ft 60w LED Integrated Tubes to Increase Visibility

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Not all tubes that are bulky and heavy weight offer more illumination, in fact the sleek and elegant lights such as LED integrated tubes are designed to keep the ambience more colorful and visible. If you also want a freedom from those heavy and bulky tubes that are draining your hard earned money then you can replace them with T8 8ft 60w LED Integrated Tube and experience more illumination at the least possible prices.
Benefits of using t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tube are as follows:
On an average, the lifespan of a t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tube is 50,000 hours or close to 6 years, and that too produces soft light rays that protect the eye sight.
On an average this 60w LED integrated tube produces 7200 lumens with very high intensity of light with of 137 Lumens per watt. Also the color temperature is 5000K.
Comes with 5 years of manufacturer warranty and are environmental friendly ways to lighten the environment.
These tube are fully compatible with ceiling and wall mounting and don’t require any ballast unlike required in case of fluorescent tubes which takes much time and money.
So start using these t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes that are eco-friendly method of lighting the environment, also the wide beam angle of 130 degree allows you to brighten the bigger and larger area.

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Stevenson Expressway, Chicago, Illinois 60623

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