Use Standard Sized T8 8ft 60w LED integrated Tubes for Maximum Sharpness

Chicago, Illinois - 08 Jan, 2019
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  • 2018


No matter how low you are feeling, good lighting can change your mood with its softness and color effects. Whether you are installing lights ta your home or office, make sure that you are using those lights that can motivate people to work in a passionate way and there is no better option than the LED lights that can ensure maximum brightness inside your residential and commercial places.
The LED integrated lights come in various different sizes, and one among them is the standard sized T8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes that can help in reducing your electricity bills as well in addition to spreading the brightness.
Advantages of using T8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes are as follows
Upon successful installation of these lights, this t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes can be used for approximately 50,000 hours or close to six years and produces 7800 lumens with and 5000K color temperature.
The soft light emitted by this V-shaped t8 8ft LED integrated tubes are flicker-free and do not produce any vibrations or sounds while turning ON and OFF.
The T8 8ft LED integrated tubes can work without ballast as well which otherwise is a very costly and time-consuming way process to initiate the lighting process.
These lights which come with 5 years of manufacturer warranty and are designed using 100% recyclable material which can be disposed of later easily without damaging nature.
The 8ft LED tubes are fully compatible can be easily fixed on the ceiling and wall mounting and comes with a wide beam angle of 130 degrees that lighten even the corner areas as well.
If you have still not purchased these lights and are using those halogen lights then you are not doing justice with your precious saved money; these LED integrated lights are perfect in all-weather seasons as the in-built heat dissipate technology will prevent the lights from getting heated up even if kept ON for a longer period.

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