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Install Smallest yet Brightest 60W LED Corn Bulbs to Lighten the Exteriors

Chula Vista, California - 13 May, 2019
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You not always require bigger and heavy lights to illuminate the outdoor places of your homes, sometimes the smaller form of lighting bulbs are a great option to make the outside places look more beautiful and visible as well. For making the gardens and lawns at the outside of your residential buildings look more beautiful and enhanced, you can install LED Corn bulb that are much powerful than the traditional form of bulbs, install 60W LED corn bulbs among many other different sized LED corn bulbs.

Benefits of using 60w LED corn bulbs are as follows:

These 60w LED corn bulbs have latest LED Cob chips from Epistar embedded inside them that produce light rays in 360 degree angle making it easy to illuminate the entire place in an enriched way.
These bulbs are made to be used for at least 50,000 hours as well, the lumen output of 60w LED corn bulb is 6705 lumens and it can be replaced with 250w MH bulbs.
Have higher CRI of more than 80 that allows you to make the showcased items look clear and brighter.
The base of these 60W corn LED bulbs is E39 base (also known as Goliath or Mogul Edison Screw) that makes retrofitting to existing fixtures with E39 sockets easy.
Also you will enjoy 5 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty from the manufacture’ end on buying these bulbs and all the bulbs are IP64 (Weather Proof) rated bulbs that make them stronger and durable as well.

So make the lighting change by installing 60w LED corn bulbs at the outside places as these areas are visited at first by the guests or relatives who have come to meet you.

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