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Use LED Strip Lights For Impressive Illumination

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Have any questions about LED Strip Light? Because we're answering them today a strip light is a long circuit consist of small light-emitting diodes and it is flexible can be bent up to 90-degree and you can be placed according to needs. While you can also cut these Strip Light every free inch gives you the freedom to design your place or a project.

This LED Strip Light comes with the additional protection of IP20 to IP68 rating protects from water and dust and can be used in a damp location as well. Our LED Strip Light is also dimmable so, you can adjust the brightness output according to your area and needs.

Here are the features of LED Strip Light:
Multiple Color options
Fully Dimmable
Plug and Play
IP20 to IP68 rated
3000K to 6500K Color Temperature
50,000 hours of life efficiency
High Lumens Output
Cut into Strips
Ultra-wide beam angle

These Strip Light is having a 3M adhesive backing So, you just need to peel off and stick to the place makes quite convenient for installation. Further, it is having a UL, CE and RoHS Certification which makes it quite secure for use.

For More Info Visit Here: https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/flexible-led-strip-lights-led-tape-lights


Chula Vista, California 91910

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