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Are You Searching Shop or Office Lights? Use 4FT LED Linear High Bay

Clinton, New Jersey - 14 Jun, 2019
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  • 4FT LED Linear High Bay


We bring you the lighting fixture which can make your warehouse look mesmerizing without compromising with the illumination. Moreover, this 4FT LED Linear High Bay is highly energy-efficient and this single fixture can replace up to 225W of metal-halide fixture and brings you the energy saving of a 75%.
This 4FT LED Linear High Bay is ideal for any indoor warehouse or any commercial space of a ceiling height of 15ft - 25ft. Further, this Linear high bay is having a beam angle of >115 degrees gives you an even distribution of light all over the space by removing all the dark-spot.
Here are the advantages of using 4FT LED Linear High Bay:
30150+ Lumens output
>115-degree of beam angle
4000K - 5000K Color Temperature
50,000 hours of life efficiency
IP65-rated water and moisture proof
Motion Sensor
Low Maintenance Cost
CuLus and DLC Approved
5-years manufacturer warranty
30-days return policy
Free-Shipping on 99$
You can install this 4FT LED Linear High Bay as a hook mount but makes sure the weight of the hook should be 2-4 times heavier than the fixture. Have any doubt contact us on (888-972-6211) or you can visit our website as well.
For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/4ft-led-linear-high-bay-225w-30150-lumens-4000k-and-dimmable

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