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Hydroman™ Submersible Excavator Dredge Pump by Hydraulic Driven

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Hydroman™ Excavator Mounted Dredge Pumps are designed for the dredging and mining industry. In the event that a client intends to fit a hydraulic driven dredging pump onto an Excavator, Hydroman can offer tailor made solutions, irrespective of the brand or size of the Hydraulic Excavator.
A full range of hydraulic excavator mounted dredge pumps cater to sand reclaiming, mining, quarrying, waste pollution control, slurry pumping, tunneling, bentonite pumping, lake and channel dredging projects.
Through Hydroman sales organization in the Gulf district, Hydroman also supplies hydraulic submersible dredging pumps and hydraulic excavator to its clients in the markets for canal cleaning and deep sea dredging works at marinas, jetties, ports and harbours.
Hydroman dredge pumps have been supplied for excavator mounted pumping applications at steel mines, tailing ponds, port construction, sand extraction, bitumen pumping and for geotextile bag filling operations.
Hydroman™ Excavator Mounted Hydraulic Dredge Pumps Applications:
▪ Waste sludge handling / Tank clean out / Waste collection ponds / Thickener clean out / Barge unloading.
▪ Waste collection pit / Ash sumps / Dredging waste ponds / Bark Collection pit / Clean up sumps.
▪ Gold tailings reclamation / Ball mill sumps / Settling and collection ponds / Underground slimes collection ponds / Conveyor tunnel sumps / Tailings back-fill system / Preparation plant collection sumps / Coal tailings relocation / Open pit slimes removal / Crusher sumps / Grinding area sumps / Flotation area sumps / Removal of material of material from thickeners / Truck wash sumps.
▪ Mill scale pits / Coke plant scale pit / Boast furnace slag pit / Water treatment sumps / Clean up sumps.
▪ Dredging deep deposits (up to 120 m deep) / Recovery of sand not mined by primary dredge / Sands mining.
▪ Trench clean out and back-fill in pipe-cable laying projects / Clean out caissons in construction / Transfer of bentonite slurry / Overburden removal / Silt from gravel washing.
▪ Removal of suilt build up at marinas, harbors, dock loading facilities, etc. / Clean out of contaminated sludge collection ponds / Reclaiming beaches / River, lake and canal clean out.
▪ Coke conveyor spillage sumps / Crude oil tank clean out / Sludge transfer / Settling-collection pits/ Tailings recovery / Coke fines collection pit / Relocation of sand filled drilling rigs / Drilling mud barge unloading.
▪ De-silting water intakes / Emergency dump pond / Ash decant sumps / Fly ash collection sump / Ash and waste collection pit / Scrubber sludge transfer / Lime collection pit / Coal wash-down sumps.
▪ Pumping marble dust.


505 Hollywood Street, Coffeyville, Kansas 67337

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