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Coffeyville, Kansas 67337Show Map - 10 Jun, 2019


Each faith uses music in a beautiful way. South Asia is no exception. Sikhs use shabad – kirtan as a primary mode of hearing their religious text. Hindus have a one path dedicated to such singing and devotion. Muslims, and sufis especially, use dikr and qawwali as a way to connect with God. The South Asian Music will brings you an amalgamation of traditional devotional songs for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and more communities with vast of of entertainment. Lets fall in love with South East Asian music and songs performed by Riyaaz Qawwali group.
Contact Details
16910 Hidden Treasure, Friendswood TX 77546
Phone Number: +832-875-4139
Email: riyaazqawwali@gmail.com
Website : https://riyaazqawwali.blogspot.com/2019/05/understanding-south-asian-music.html


Coffeyville, Kansas 67337

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