Make Offices a Better Place to Work by Installing 4ft LED Tube Light

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Many a time we get irritated by the continuous humming noise coming in the offices and we wonder from where these sounds are coming, actually, the fluorescent lights that you have installed inside the offices are creating that buzzing noise which is disturbing everyone.
To get rid of this problem install LED tubes that start instantly with no humming or flickering and you can enjoy a peaceful environment. Among various types of LED tube lights, you can use 4FT LED tube light that comes with an easy installing process and will help you in working a more productive way.
Advantages of using 4FT LED tube light are as follows:
1. In case of conventional fluorescent tubes, they require warm up to lighten with maximum brightness, but if you use 4ft LED Tube Light, it will operate instantly with no flickering and humming noise.
2. With energy consumption of 22w, these 4ft LED tubes can deliver 3000 lumens.
3. Also, the Color Temperature of these lights is 6500K that provides neutral white light day white light glow that is useful to make the office environment more productive.
4. You can replace these 22w LED lights with 60w traditional lights so that you can have maximum lighting for at least 50,000 hours.
5. Also, there are no harmful substances such as mercury and halogen inside these lights that make them environment-friendly as well.
6. You can easily install these lights against the traditional halogen lights to have a quick and easy replacement.
So install 4ft LED tube light against those traditional forms of tubes, that will give you better energy savings, the less they require energy to illuminate, the better savings you will be able to make.
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Coffeyville, Kansas 67337

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