Replace Classic Warehouse Lights With Smart And Effective 150W LED UFO High Bay Lights

Coffeyville, Kansas - 08 Apr, 2019
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  • 150w UFO LED high bay light


The LED high bay UFO lights are an ideal indoor lighting solution to the places where the ceiling height is more than the standard ceiling height; you can use these lights over there to enjoy maximum brightness and lighting results. One such type of light is a white colored 150W UFO LED High Bay Light that comes with a dimmable option and can be easily hook mounted on any ceiling with a height of 15fts to 25fts.

Benefits of using 150w UFO LED High Bay Light are as follows:

1. The lumen output of this 150w UFO LED High Bay Light is 21,750 lumens and you can replace them with 400W MH fixtures to make savings of at least 75% of energy per fixture.
2. The available Color Temperature of these lights is 5700K and it makes it an ideal color temperature for indoor space.
3. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can expect these premium LED lights to support the indoor lighting system for more than 6 years.
4. You can easily mount it in many different ways which will reduce the installation time to just one fifth of what the traditional fixtures consume.
5. Since these lights are dimming lights, so you can control the brightness with dimming feature that ranges from 0V to 10V
6. Also these lights are cULus, DLC and FCC approved that will give you additional rebates and incentives from the power companies as well.
7. The heat sink inside the UFO high bay lighting fixtures is made up of aluminium that will deliver excellent heat dissipation.

With this 150w UFO LED High Bay Light at your place, you don’t need to worry about installing any other type of lights as these LED high bays have wider beam angle that allows you to illuminate wide areas and huge spaces.

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