Senyer Solar Disk Lights Outdoor

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1. STAINLESS STEEL SHELL – This solar ground light are made from the stainless steel and plastic construction. It means that is not afraid of abrasion and have a long useful life.
2. WATERPROOF ACCESSORIES –The on off button on the back side is covered by a sealed rubbe. The LED Buried lamps built-in silicone waterproof material and can work under varieties of weather with the waterproof rating of IP65.
3. EASY TO INSTALL - With ABS plug-in accessories, you can fix the light and open the switch in one step.
4. ULTRA IMPRESSIVELY BRIGHT –Designed with 8 LED Bulbs with high quality LED light source, pvc lampshade which have good light transmission and uniform light.
5. WIDELY TO BE APPLIED – It can provide enough light to place around our property in ground and flower bed.

Contact with us: sanyerinc@163.com

More details: https://www.amazon.com/Light%EF%BC%8C4-Waterproof-Outdoor-Stainless-Pathway/dp/B07G15B6X4


2612 Cr, Coffeyville, Kansas 67337

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