Substitute HID/ MH Lights with Semi cutOff LED Wall Pack Lights

Coffeyville, Kansas - 16 Apr, 2019
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Today there are so many outdoor LED lights available in the market that sometimes we get confused regarding which lights to choose and if we do the research well, we will find that the Semi cutOff LED Wall Pack Lights are better for the outer areas of the residential or commercial places. We can easily select these wall pack lights against many other lights which make the selection quickly and easy. Among various lights you can use a semi cut 40W LED wall pack light that comes with quicker installing process.

Advantages of Semi cut Off LED Wall Pack Lights are as follows:

1. Use these wall packs for more than 50,000-1,00,000 hours however, the exact number of the working hours depend upon the time you are using these lights.
2. Also these 40W Semi cutOff LED Wall Pack Lights don’t contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury and halogen that otherwise can damage the surroundings.
3. Also the lumen output of these lights Semi cutOff LED Wall Pack Lights is 17195 lumens with color temperature of 5700K.
4. You can use these wall packs instantly without flickering and humming sound.
5. Also the IP Rating of the lights protects them from dust and moisture.
6. Get 5 years of warranty from the Manufacture’s end on buying these lights that comes with 24/7 telephonic assistance from the same.
7. This LED wall pack has an ultra-wide beam angle of more than 40 degree which means this wall pack will illuminate wide spaces.

Along while using this Semi cutOff LED Wall Pack Lights you can have beneficiary lighting results, that will make the environment more protective with non-existence of harmful UV rays which the other lights emit.

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