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Supplement Amino Acids L(+)-Arginine Powder For Male Enhancement

Columbus, Ohio - 01 Mar, 2018
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Supplement Amino Acids L(+)-Arginine Powder For Male Enhancement

Basic info:
Cas: 74-79-3
Mf: C6h14n4o2
Mw: 174.2
Einecs: 200-811-1
Assay: 99%
Chemical properties: White crystalline powder
escription of L-Arginine
Used in biochemical research, all kinds of hepatic coma and viral liver kind of cereal third transaminase was abnormal , nutritional supplement;Flavouring agent. And sugar to be heated reaction (amino - carbonyl reaction) can get special flavoring substances, used for pharmaceutical raw materials and food additive.

Arginine is keeping infants growth and development of essential amino acids. It is intermediate metabolites ornithine cycle, can urge the ammonia into urea, thus reducing the content of blood ammonia. It is also the main component of sperm proteins, have increased sperm production, sperm motion energy provides the role. In addition, the intravenous injection of arginine, can stimulate the release of growth hormone pituitary, pituitary function test can be used.

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