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Vacuum Service Cypress

Cypress, California - 04 Dec, 2020


Cappello Janitorial Supplies is Orange County's top distributor of janitorial supplies and equipment since 1964. Our huge inventory includes cleaning chemicals, dispensers, paper products, trash liners, squeegees, sponges, scrub pads, brushes, buckets, mops, mopheads, protective gear, window cleaning tools, and more.
Address:- 1535 S. Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Ph No:- (714) 835-1094
Directory.websiteservices:- https://directory.websiteservices.com/company_view.aspx?companyid=1009870
Theomnimarket:- https://www.theomnimarket.com/united-states/santa-ana/creative-home-and-retail/cappello-janitorial-supplies
Professionalservices4u:- https://www.professionalservices4u.com/california/santa-ana/shopping-services/cappello-janitorial-supplies
Read More:- https://cappellojanitorialsuppliesinc.com/oc-vacuum-repair-service.php

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