Make your outdoor walls brighter and safer with this LED Wall Pack

Dallas, Texas - 13 Feb, 2019
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LED wall packs are installed in outdoor locations such as buildings, offices and other commercial structures. These wall packs provide excellent illumination and light distribution. LED wall packs are way more efficient than traditional commercial lighting by consuming less energy and giving better lumen output. LED wall packs also act as an added security feature during dusk.
LEDMyplace is one of the leading names in LED lighting industry. Due to our wide range of products of top quality at economical pricing we cater to customers from all walks of life. To relieve you of your exterior lighting woes we present to you our latest line of LED Wall Pack 20W 5700K Forward Throw, 2200 Lumens. This 20 watt lamp generates more light than a 75 watt HID or HPI lamp. With no harmful emissions and radiations these lights are safe to be used in the vicinity of humans and animals. These devices emit a neutral white light which gives realistic look to the objects around it. Premium LED chips further enhance the lighting operation.
Here are some salient features of this wall pack.
• High energy savings. Save up to 55 watts on each fixture thus bringing down expenses on electric bills.
• More than 50,000 hours life span and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty.
• Flickering and humming free operation.
• Eco friendly
• 2165 lumen output and CRI>80 gives excellent illumination.
• Durable body
• Moisture and dust resistant.
• Rebate eligible and DLC approved.
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