Switch to new standards of street lighting with LED Solar Street Light Set; 20W w/ 50W Solar Panel;

Dallas, Texas - 13 Feb, 2019
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Conventional street lights which use highly inefficient HID lamps typically consume more electricity and cost millions of dollars a year to function and maintain. Solar powered LED street lights are the new norm when it comes to lighting up the dark city streets at night. Using led solar lighting outdoors not just provides better illumination but it also ensures the safety of travellers at night hence acting as a lifesaver.

At LEDMyplace, we are a leading manufacturer of LED solar street lights 20W/50W. Our led solar street lights come in an attractive design, possess a superior quality and render a great performance at an affordable price. These solar LED street light set consists of a battery, the solar panel, the microwave controller or sensor and the lighting lamp itself. The flattering 20W LED solar street light set works with a 50W solar panel to convert solar energy into light energy. These bulbs thus provide us with 100% energy-savings (electrical energy) and also enhance the street surroundings instantly. Having a color temperature of 6000K (cool white light glow) and CRI greater than 80, our led solar street lights possess more than the standard color rendering ability.

Below are the features of our led solar street lights.

· Lifespan: 50,000 hours

· 20w/50w

· DC power instead of A power

· High Energy-Efficiency and more lumens per watt

· Saves energy up to atleast 95%

· 140x70 degree

· Non directional lighting

· No UV or Infrared Beam Light Output

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