Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tube Comes with easy Installation

Decatur, Georgia - 04 Mar, 2019
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The ballast compatibility of any LED tube is an important factor to consider while selecting the lights for residential or commercial purposes and can’t be overlooked at all. If you also want to have hassle free lighting for a longer period of time, then you can use Ballast compatible T8 LED Tube against the normal forms of lights. One among many is a 4ft 20W ballast compatible LED tube

Benefits of using Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tube are as follows:

• You can use this Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tube without any flickering or buzzing sound at the time of staring which otherwise is much higher in case of normal tubes.
• The color temperature of this 4ft 20w LED tube is 6500K with lumen output of 3000. By using this LED tube, you can illuminate the surroundings with soft white or warm white glow making it ideal for the indoor places.
• Also, the inbuilt heat sink inside these Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tube keeps them cooler throughout the day and night.
• The installing process of these Ballast Compatible LED Tubes is simple and you have to just remove the existing fluorescent tube and insert these ballast compatible tubes over there.
• Get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer along with 30 days return guarantee policy from the same.
So use these Ballast Compatible T8 LED tube that is also eco-friendly tubes thus helping in reducing the level of pollution from the environment. Also by using these tubes, you don’t need to pay huge maintenance or replacement cost which makes you frustrating and reckless.

For more info, visit: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/ballast-compatible-t8-4ft-22w-2row-led-tube-3000-lumens-6500k-clear-cover

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