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Ensure Safety By the Installing 150W LED Pole Light at the Residential Buildings

Decatur, Georgia - 17 Apr, 2019
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Installing proper street lights at the residential places is very important so that the residents can enjoy the nights in a safer and secured way. Also with the proper lighting, they will not fear to go for a walk during the nights which is useful to stay fit and healthy.
To ensure maximum lighting at the residential and commercial places as well, you can install LED pole lights at the outdoor places. Out of many different styled lights, you can install 150W LED Pole Light to provide maximum lighting to the residents.
Benefits of installing 150W LED Pole Light are as follows:
1. You can easily install these LED pole lights, especially when you buy LEDMYplace LED pole lights.
2. The lumen output of these 150w LED pole lights is 19242 lumens and they can be installed vertical and horizontal as well. You can replace 450w of MH lights with these LED pole lights to save more than 75% of energy.
3. Since these lights are dimmable lights, you can dim them during the nights so that the residents can sleep without any kind of lighting distractions.
4. The IP rating of 65 make these lights durable and strong and they can protect themselves from dust and low pressure water jets as well.
5. The LED Chips that are used inside lights provides high quality results, now you can cover wider and bigger places as well as they lights have wider beam angle.
So install 150w LED pole light at the streets, roads along with many other outdoor places where you want to give citizens maximum lighting in a way to make them feel safe and secured.
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