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Use DLC Approved 240w LED Pole Lights, Free Shipping@$99, Shop Right Now!

Decatur, Georgia - 10 May, 2019
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Getting attractive rebates and incentives from the electric companies on the LED pole lights also help a lot in paying lesser prices of the electricity bills which otherwise overburden us, if using the traditional form of lighting is used to illuminate streets and highways.

If you are also looking for some ways to reduce the burden on your pocket then you can use 240w LED pole lights that are DLC certified making them eligible for the rebates and incentives from the electric companies.

1. These 240w LED pole lights are designed in a slim body that is easy to replace those metal halide lights in a quicker and easier way.
2. These LED pole lights start instantly without any noise or flickering and you can use these lights for at least 50,000 hours without worrying about the lights getting heated up.
3. These are eco-friendly lights that can do not contain any lead, mercury or other contaminants that can damage the nature.
4. The lumen output of these 240w LED pole lights is 31,532 with a color temperature of 5700K that is perfect for outdoor lighting purposes.

You cannot resist yourself from using these LED pole lights especially when you are getting attractive rebates on them, in addition to the rebates, you can also enjoy 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s end on buying these lights.

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