Has God Forgotten Me? eBook #28

Denver, Colorado - 13 Jun, 2018


Has God Forsaken Me? ©2017 by Raymond Cook is a wonderful 284 page inspirational story about tragedy, loss, faith, hardships and new beginnings. Noah and Kimberley Harris and their six children live in Independence, Illinois in 1898. Like thousands of other families struggling to survive hot and humid summers, cruel winters and drought spells, they wanted a better life. The promise of 160 acres of free land from the government out west compelled the couple and their children to join a wagon train destined for Denver, Colorado.

Some families who made the same perilous journey along the Santa Fe Trail were well to do or businessmen. But many families like the Harris’s were dirt poor and would face dangers unimagined as they cross the Kansas plains. Many families drowned while crossing rivers but others died from diseases too. Noah’s family got small pox and three of their children died. They were buried along the trail without grave markers.

When the wagon train arrived at Lamar, Colorado the town held a rodeo. While everyone was there, thieves went through their wagons and stole everyone’s money. All Noah had money wise now was the money in his wallet. When they arrived at La Junta they were desperate. The next town was called Rocky Ford and they could go no further. At the edge of the town they saw a large camp.

Over a hundred families were living in canvas tents. The monthly rent was $10 and Noah and his family moved there. After selling their covered wagon and horses Noah walked into a bank being robbed. The four masked men killed everyone in the bank. Now Kimberley’s a widow with two children and a baby. What does the future hold for her and has God really forsaken her? Visit Amazon to buy this eBook.

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