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Birman Kitten for Sale

Detroit, Michigan - 07 Feb, 2021


William Adams Birman Kittens is a small HOBBY breeder. We are dedicated to preserving and maintaining the health, beauty, and temperament of the Sacred Birman Cat through selective breeding to optimize the genetics.

Our goal is to place kittens in forever homes. We are committed to the finest health of kittens available through holistic measures, and strive to ensure the utmost health of our cats and kittens. Our breeding brings Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac and Tabby (LYNX) pointed kittens. We have added Tortie colors in our breeding program. Our cats and kittens are health guaranteed. They are free of GENETIC faults and free of known disease and ailments. Since we can not know what happens once they leave us, we can not be responsible for them once they are out of our care.

Email: willamsjenna237@gmail.com

Visit: https://birmankittens.company.com

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