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Twin Macaw Parrots For Families

Florida City, Florida - 15 Oct, 2019
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DNA Sexed And Raised Macaw parrots Very Tamed, beginning To Talk And Learn how to command.I have 2 yrs old male and female macaw parrots called Coco and Terry for sale. They are tamed and all feathers and talks very much. They comes with their cage and toys included. They love giving kisses, wolf whistles, sings and talks a lot. They say things like hello,peekaboo, Coco and Terry wants a bath, Coco and Terry wants a scratch,bye, good boy and girl and many more.Coco and Terry responds to doorbells, ringtones and mimics phone conversations. They pick up words/sounds very quickly and they are also good around children and loves attention, they dont choose who to be with and love going for walks.I am selling them due to being unable to provide them with much attention they deserves, want them to go to a good home who can provide them with love and care.text us at (260) 901-6178‬

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