Get the Best LED Garden Lights for Better Lighting on Huge Discount

Florida, Colorado - 08 Feb, 2019
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These LED Garden Lights are IP 65 Weatherproof. So these Lights can easily replace 250-400W of an HPS/HID fixtures, saving almost 75%-80% on your energy bills.
Features & Benefits of LED post-top/ garden light:
Extremely Durable: The LED post-top / garden light has a metal exterior which makes it durable. The metal used is a lightweight aluminum case which helps in providing the light a solid build.
Efficient dissipation: The LED post-top / garden light has excellent heat dissipation features which prevent it from heating up. This helps it in performing at the optimal level all the time.
Wide beam angle: The distribution of light is better and efficient because of the ultra-wide beam angle of the light.
Applications: Traditionally used in areas such as gardens, fields, and parks, this light is used for large spaces which require lighting at night for safety.
Water resistant: Since it is used in open areas and especially gardens, the fact that it is water resistant is a huge advantage. They are able to bear low-pressure water jets and dust particles projected at them.
High lumen output: A lumen output of 19225 makes it amazing for places where the requirement of lighting is high. As the high lumen output helps in emitting intense light.
Safe: The light is extremely safe for the surrounding as it does not emit any harmful or toxic substance.
High CRI & color temperature: A CRI of over 80 combined with a high color temperature of 5700K, makes sure that a bright white light is emitted which helps in viewing the colors of the surrounding objects to their true extent.
For More Info: https://bit.ly/2SydPct

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