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Turn Your Home Green With Solar Energy

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 15 Jun, 2018
  • Turn Your Home Green With Solar Energy
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- Turn your electric bill into a tax deductible asset with department of green energy.
- Turn your home into an energy efficient, hurricane resistant fortress.
- We will provide free in Home Energy Analysis.
- A member of our staff will call to introduce themselves within 24 hours of receiving your financial approval.
- We will schedule the site survey within 48 hours of financial approval.
- After our site survey analysis the design of solar energy system will be submitted to you for approval.
- Upon receipt of the permit, our experienced crew will install your customized solar system at your home or business.
- After the completion and testing, we will schedule a time for the city/county inspection to take place to close out the permit.
- The Utility company grants their approval and you will receive a new production meter provided by the utility company.


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