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Fremont, California - 12 May, 2016
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Patients of the Center for Implant Dentistry receive outstanding care from a team of three experienced implant specialists. Our expertise in implant dentistry makes us an excellent choice for your tooth replacement needs. Using advanced technology and careful analysis, we sometimes determine that a patient would benefit from sinus lift surgery before the placement of dental implants.
A sinus lift is an adjunct procedure to implant placement when the existing bone height in the upper jaw is insufficient to support dental implants. In order to build up the bone tissue in the area of the molars, it may be necessary to move the sinus membrane upward slightly. There are several reasons this procedure may be necessary:
01. The maxillary sinus cavity, situated on each side of the nose, may naturally be too close to the upper jaw to accommodate dental implants.
02. In many people, the bone density and height in the back of the upper jaw is naturally less than that in the lower jaw. Tooth loss in this area may increase the insufficiency of bone tissue.
03. Tooth loss that is not addressed will naturally lead to the breakdown of bone tissue. If teeth are not replaced quickly, the lack of stimulation to bone tissue will lead to the resorption of bone.
04. Periodontal disease may lead to a breakdown in bone tissue.
Sinus lifts have become increasingly common since the development of dental implants. Our team has extensive training and experience in the various procedures related to implant dentistry. We use advanced technology that enables us to analyze the various oral and maxillofacial structures accurately, leading to precision throughout the planning and surgical processes.
During sinus lift surgery, your experienced dentist creates a small opening in the upper jawbone that allows us to access the sinus membrane. This membrane is gently lifted up, and the space in between the lifted sinus and the jawbone is filled with tiny granules of bone-graft material. The amount of material used is dependent on the existing density and height of natural bone.

Dr. Sambhav Jain

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