New LedMyPlace 2019 2019

Fresno, California - 11 Jan, 2019
  • $154
  • LedMyPlace
  • 2019 2019


The 200 Watt UFO Led High Bay Lighting is an ideal lighting solution for high ceiling buildings and can offer the outstanding lighting inside the commercial space with high lumen output. The 200W LED High Bay UFO 5700K can easily replace a 550W MH light and the lumen output it offers is comparatively more, making it the excellent choice for lighting up space with ceiling heights of 20ft.-30ft. It also offers you the freedom to control the brightness with its dimming feature ranging from 0V to 10V. These high bay lights can be hook mounted into the ceiling, with an optional ceiling mount and ½” NPT Mount.

The 200W LED High Bay UFO 5700K is an easy installation lighting for the recessed lighting. The hanging ring that comes with the UFO high bay must be inserted into the hole of the lamp and must be tightened through a bolt on the hanging ring itself so that the UFO lamp will be fixed and remain intact and then can be mounted on the ceiling via a hook.

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