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Install 150W UFO High Bay Light LED Fixtures to Have Graceful Lighting

Greenville, South Carolina - 16 Apr, 2019
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The first thing that comes to our mind while setting up a commercial or industrial unit is the furniture, machines, interiors and the lighting always take a back seat which if overlooked, have the ability to make all other factors a big zero. For instance, no machines can work, if there are insufficient lights thus making it difficult to work.

To make the new set up look more beautiful and attractive, you can install 150W UFO High Bay LED Fixtures that are made for the higher ceiling places. You can install 150w UFO high bay LED fixtures where ceiling height ranges between 15 feets to 25 feets.

Benefits of installing 150W UFO High Bay LED Fixtures are as follows:

1. You can use these UFO high bay LED fixtures at the commercial and industrial areas to make savings of at least 75% electricity and replacing them will the traditional lights will prove to much more useful.
2. For instance, these 150w LED high bays produce 20,100 lumens and they are perfect to be replaced with 400w MH fixtures.
3. Also the color temperature of these 150 LED high bays is 5700K that is best for the indoor commercial space, also you can keep the environment non-polluted since there are no mercury, lead or halogen inside them
4. You can use these lights for more than 50,000 hours without damaging the lights.
5. These lights are cULus and DLC certified lights thus giving you more rebates from the electric companies.

So if you are setting up a new unit or managing an existing commercial or industrial unit, then you can install these UFO high bay LED fixtures at the commercial and industrial places to achieve maximum visibility and increase the production as well, which otherwise gets effected by the lower visibility.

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