2FT 165w LED Linear High Bay are the Best Lights For Commercial Places

Guymon, Oklahoma - 10 Jan, 2019
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LED Linear High bays are the most economical way of lighting the inside of your homes or commercial places and leave an everlasting impression on others. There are many different designs and shapes available in LED linear high bay lights and one among them are the 2ft 165w LED linear high bay lights that are capable of offering the best lighting inside your commercial and residential places.

Features of a 2ft 165w LED Linear high bay light are as follows

⦁ The lumen output of this 2ft 165w LED linear high bay is 21,450 lumens with color temperature of 4000K; you can replace your existing 400W MH fixture with this 165W Linear High Bay and can save 180W per fixture.
⦁ The lifespan of this 2ft 165w LED linear high bay is close to 50,000 hours even if used 12 hours a day, it would last for more than 6 years.
⦁ You can easily install the fixture on the ceiling of the space and can make a significant reduction of almost one fifth during the installation process.
⦁ Offers beam angle of 110 Degree
⦁ IP65 rating make these LED linear high bay lights withstand moisture and dust resistance
So bid good bye to your existing lighting system and use these 2ft 165W LED linear high bay lights that along with DLC approved are eco-friendly way of brighten the surrounding.

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